Traditional and panoramic restaurant in San Vigilio di Marebbe

Romantic dinners with the traditional tastes of the Ladin cuisine

The dishes of restaurant La Para in San Vigilio di Marebbe come from ancient recipes made with the best ingredients of the Ladin and South Tyrol territory. Carefully prepared by our Chef, our specialities come from the fresh ingredients of the gardens of Val Badia and the “masi” of the Dolomites, and are prepared with the ancient recipes of the Ladin and South Tyrol cuisine.

Stop on our panoramic terrace during your ski days on the ski slope of Plan de Corones, the restaurant is located on the ski slope of Paz de Plaies; you can also come here on foot, with a pleasant walk from San Vigilio. We are open for lunch and dinner. Delighting your palate in front of the charming panoramic view over the town or in the warm environment of our Stube with fireplace will be an experience to repeat.

Gastronomic specialities

Our culinary specialities, linked with the territory, fresh and genuine… just try them!

Ladin cuisine

The traditional cuisine which comes from the farming cuisine of our ancestors. The lack of available ingredients contributed to the creation of simple and tempting dishes like the barley soup, the “tutres” (rolls filled with spinaches, ricotta cheese or sauerkraut), the “cancì t ega” (half – moon tortelli pasta filled with spinaches), the “furtaies” (spiral fried dessert) and several types of bread. We serve our genuine cuisine with pride.

Tyrol cuisine

As for the South Tyrol cuisine, the premise of the palate is the quality of the ingredients, which still come from local productions. This is the main reason of the success of the famous canederli, spätzle with spinaches, the famous speck ham with eggs and potatoes and desserts like the Kaiserschmarren and the Strudel. The South Tyrol dinner soon becomes passion!